CLIMATE CONSULTANT 5Climate Consultant - Version 5.0 added a number of new features to those in the prior version of Climate Consultant 4 including three additional Comfort Models: ASHARE Handbook 2005, ASHRAE Standard 55, and Adaptive Comfort.

It now comes with climate data for all of California‚Äôs 16 climate zones, but climate data is also available for over two thousand locations from the EnergyPlus web site. (See READ-EPW for details.) A web-based dynamic graphic tutorial explaining the Psychrometric Chart and how it applies to human thermal comfort and to HVAC systems design is also available on this web site.

Download Weather Data

Climate Consultant 5.3 Beta (Build 1, January 10, 2012): This is a Beta release of our next version.Climate Consultant 5.2 (Build 2, October 25, 2011): This version of Climate Consultant allows the user to save project data to files that can be opened in a later sessions. Project data is also automatically saved when exiting Climate Consultant. Project data includes the name of the EPW weather file as well as all design decisions such as Comfort Model choices, criteria values, and data on fins, overhangs and obstructions.

Climate Consultant 5.1 (Build 2, June 8, 2011): There are a number of new features in Version 5.1 such as additions to the Sun Shading plot to allow the user to click and drag shading masks for fins and overhangs.

There are shading overlays for distant objects (trees, buildings) or nearby objects (chimneys). The number of unshaded hours when shading is needed, when solar gain is needed, and when solar gain is not useful, as modified by the shading of remote objects, fins and overhangs is calculated and displayed.

A plot of radiation on a tilted surface (such as a solar collector) is now shown on the Radiation Range Chart and Tilted Surface Radiation is a plot option on the Time Table and 3D Charts.

A new option added to the Psychrometric Chart displays a single day as hourly points in sequence which allows users to see in fine grain the daily evolution of temperature and humidity.

This new Version 5.1 also fixes some bugs in Version 5.0 (including counts of comfortable hours for Passive Solar Direct Gain zones, the Natural Ventilation Zone, and the Wind Protection Zone).

NOTE: Vista and Windows 7 users have been able to install and run it successfully if they are the designated Systems Administrator (go to Settings, Control Panel, Users) and if you are not on a network or behind a firewall. If you are running on a network, see your systems administrator for permission to install it. Vista installation problems may be solved if users lower their level of security. Here is a workaround. When you install the program, explicitly change the target directory to C:\CC5 in order to bypass the C:\Program Files security restriction, then the installation should finish without error. Please let us know if you have questions. 

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