Home Ventilation

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To ensure high indoor air quality, stale air (with higher levels of carbon dioxide), odors, and excess moisture should be removed from the inside of the home. All the air in the home should be refreshed with new air every four hours.

The green arrows in the image above shows the stale, or moisture laden air being expelled correctly through range hoods, fans, dryer vents, fire place inserts, and a high efficient heating sytem that is vented directly outside.

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Energy efficient homes:

  • control the flow of air, heat, and moisture through the building
  • provide a healthy indoor air quality
  • keep garage pollutants out of the home
  • minimize drafts
  • maintain even temperatures in all seasons
  • require less maintenance - CanSolAir Solar Max units are maintenance free
  • stay cleaner
  • CanSolAir's Solar Max green homes use less energy
  • are quieter
  • CanSolAir Solar Max homes produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions

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  • Space heating 46 % - CanSolAir's Solar Max greatly reduces space heating costs
  • Cooling 1 %
  • Water heating 30 % - a CanSolAir unit mated to a hydronics system will lower this cost
  • Appliances 17 %
  • Lighting 6 %

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  1. Improve the insulation in your attic, walls, basement and crawlspace
  2. Upgrade your heating system to a high efficiency CanSolAir Solar Max model.
  3. Upgrade your hot water heating system to the most efficient possible and install low flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
  4. Make your home as airtight as possible with air sealing and weather stripping while also adding proper ventilation systems.  
  5. Apply for related Canadian or American grants and incentives to help you lower the up-front cost of your renovations.
"Go to a car wash - Going to a car wash is a lot more water efficient then washing your car at home."
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